Nova Scotia

Lunenburg Doc Fest 2021, photo credit Nancy MacDonald

Building places and community. Together.

The quality of connection we feel to our community is strongly influenced by the extent to which we have places to gather. Great places are magnetic, they attract people and bring them together. Our greatest economic opportunity lies in our ability to attract people to our province and our work at Develop Nova Scotia focuses on strengthening place, a differentiator and an advantage for Nova Scotia. As important as attracting new people here is attracting all Nova Scotians to engage and participate in our economy and our communities. We know strong communities contribute to health, happiness and well-being, as well as resilience. And so, we strive to build places and spaces that actively encourage and promote such social connection. We do that by building them with the people who live here. We build places that attract people and in building them with the people who call them home, we also build community.

Our people are a passionate bunch of placemakers—engineers, planners, program developers, property managers and maintainers, storytellers, stewards of public investment, believers, dreamers, doers.

This year, we’ve been working closely with our partners and community to support economic recovery alongside the work to build a more inclusive Nova Scotia—a place where everyone can participate and belong. We are also humbly learning to do better—to be more intentional in the way we engage communities in our work to ensure we’re hearing all voices—especially those who traditionally haven’t been heard or haven’t believed their participation mattered. As we look past the pandemic toward recovery, we see great opportunity in a continued focus on social infrastructure so that the economy we help (re)build is one where everyone can participate and thrive.

This report highlights some of the projects we’ve undertaken for impact and the many partners and people from our communities who really make them possible. In the spirit of celebrating success and recognizing the hard work ahead of us, this report outlines some of our collective progress from 2020-21.

Message from the
Board Chair and CEO

To build places for everyone we need to build them with everyone. We need to build places with community to ensure what we build together also builds a more inclusive, resilient, and connected Nova Scotia.

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