Develop Nova Scotia
Annual Report

Building Places for People. With People.

Develop Nova Scotia builds things. But how we build them matters as much as what we build. Our goal is for the projects we develop to contribute to authentic, inclusive, sustainable places where people love to be. A place-based approach to economic development provides more opportunities for community participation, inclusion, and resilience. So that the most important thing we build is community.

Our people are an industrious bunch. We’re engineers, planners, architects, designers, program developers, property managers, storytellers, creatives, pragmatists, stewards of public investment, believers, dreamers, doers. And we all work closely with the community to ensure good ideas are developed and given the space to thrive.

We’re proud of our accomplishments. We are humbly learning to do a better job of engaging our broad and diverse community to contribute to the creation of places where everyone can belong. But we aren’t too humble to celebrate some of the projects we’ve undertaken this year with the people from our communities who make them possible. In the spirit of sharing both effort and kudos, this report highlights some of our collective achievements from 2019-20.

Message from the
Board Chair and CEO

We’ve made a lot of changes this year. We’ve stood up a new organization, resourced a team, and drafted a new five-year strategic plan to guide our work. And we’ve advanced some of the largest projects in our history. Perhaps most importantly, we’ve reflected on our work, the context in which we operate and the incredible challenges

Develop Nova Scotia: Thriving Communities
Develop Nova Scotia: Thriving Communities

Thriving Communities

Connecting to more opportunity.
Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative

For many people the idea of not having immediate, fast, and reliable Internet access is unthinkable. Far from a luxury, our lives have become completely dependent on it. But for many across Nova Scotia, this essential infrastructure is a touch behind the times…

Develop Nova Scotia: Authentic Destinations
Develop Nova Scotia: Authentic Destinations

Authentic Destinations

Shaping the future of Peggy’s Cove—together

How we build places is as important as what we build. Part of the “how” includes engaging with community members throughout the planning and design process. So, when Develop Nova Scotia began working to create a comprehensive master plan for Peggy’s Cove, we…

Develop Nova Scotia: Working Waterfronts